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‘X’ from Coco De Mer and Walter Campbell

From Coco De Mer and Walter Campbell (the writer of ‘Under the Skin’) comes ‘X’ – an artistic sex-laden video commentary/short film co-created with directors and photographers including Rankin, Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Damien Fry & Joe Hunt, Trisha Ward and Bronwyn Parker-Rhodes.

Introducing ETC from Equinox


Equinox – certainly from a branding standpoint – has fast become the Transatlantic gym of choice. We’re talking Rankin campaigns, major models including the viral sensation Pietro Boselli and an offering that well near trumps any major gym brand.

A new addition to the existing offering, ETC (Equinox Training Camp) has just been developed by a top team of psychologists, PTs and instructors for collaborative group training. I experienced it for the first time last week and felt myself (Nicki/Bey ref) for a good 48 hours afterwards. Really impressed with the programme and can’t wait to experience more. Make sure you are following on Instagram and Snapchat:nikthakkar for the latest updates!

Tom Aspaul – REVELATION [Mixtape]

This is such a legitimate treat from the insanely talented Tom Aspaul – both visually and sonically. Full credits over on YouTube but producers on the REVELATION mixtape include GRADES, Starsmith and Jakwob. The cover of New Moon is 100% a personal throwback favourite. Nice one Tom! Visuals by Hilow Films.

Dior Secret Garden IV featuring Rihanna – Versailles – 60s

Rihanna as a blank canvas for Dior and Steven Klein is unravelling in a rather amazing way. Here is Secret Garden IV, set at Versailles with a 60s influence. The track is titled “A Night,” a sample of Florence + The Machine’s “Only If For a Night” and features on R8.





Introducing Versace VERSUS by Anthony Vaccarello


Tonight saw the official launch of the first Versace Versus collection with Anthony Vaccarello as creative director. It took place in East London – unsurprising as the collection itself is inspired by Brett Anderson and 1990s Britpop. This is a pretty awesome teaser for Versace considering that the brand is showing a full Versus collection at London Fashion Week in September.

The collection itself was pretty accurately representative of its inspirations and created, marketed and developed for a social media audience – it is immediately available at – the event was also live streamed via tonight (which you can rewatch) – a really smart digital initiative as it stands, imagine how perfect the future retail model of would suit this type of activity (so exciting as a e-commerce prospect).

My favourite three menswear pieces are included below. You can shop them here. There are also a handful of intimate Snapchats with Donatella Versace on Snapchat: nikthakkar, and some photos on Instagram.

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