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Teasing TIDAL

Frustrations with the current state of play and the business model of the music industry are at an all time high, which is why it makes intrinsic sense for a handful of media moguls to pull together their collective clout and reshape the business.

Pioneering a new movement is Jay-Z and S. Carter Enterprises. Here is a 30-second clip showing Jay-Z with Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Calvin Harris, Jack White, Kanye West, Jason Aldean, Daft Punk and Coldplay’s Chris Martin seated for a meeting – a music summit to shape change, TIDAL change.

TIDAL is dubbed High Fidelity Music Streaming, promoting “lossless” music – details of perfection, amplifying everything that an mp3 file removes from the sonic experience. It’s a step towards a more artist driven construct in an industry where the commercial balance has shifted significantly.

Explore TIDAL here.

Sia by Gregory Harris for Interview Magazine


Best pop editorial in fucking ages. Nothing we haven’t seen before but the fact that this is Sia makes it all the more enigmatic and surreal. Kinda awesome. Thank you Interview Magazine, Sia and Gregory Harris for creating this world for just a moment. The interview itself? By Kristen Wiig of course – genius, especially the parts about her views on fame and creativity. Cannot wait for the film that Sia has been working on. Such an incredible mind.








In Bed with The New York EDITION




London’s EDITION has fast become a landmark of culture, celebrity, fashion, luxury, cocktails and fine dining. It is now New York’s turn.

May 2015 will see the launch of The New York EDITION located in the Flatiron district directly across from the iconic Madison Square Park. Formerly the Met Life Tower, seeing a nouveau fusion of the landmark’s original Beaux-Arts architecture with rich interior details and a modern-day sensibilities. It come a Jason Atherton restaurant, 273 rooms, and several bars- a new luxury for a new generation.

For more info, stay tuned here. In the meantime, about is a preview of the bedrooms.


rihanna bbhmm bitch better have my money

Last night the actually amazing and breathtaking eyebrows on fleek artwork for Rihanna’s new #R8 single #BBHMM Bitch Better Have My Money arrived. This morning (i.e. two minutes ago at the time of writing this) the track was teased (intro and outro) via a partnership with Dubsmash. A smart partnership, it’s a pretty meme-worthy title of a track and what better way to maximise this traction than via the most ghetto app available.

The track itself sounds like the ratchet pop smash that we have all been waiting for. Stay tuned for the full track. In the meantime…”mu-lala”.

Pepsi’s Immersive Experience: The Cherry Rooms

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 14.43.48

Last night saw the launch of one of the most genius experiential campaigns from a soda brand that I have witnessed in a while. Pepsi teamed up with The Robin Collective to create an immersive experience in East London to celebrate the launch of Pepsi Max Cherry (which is ridiculously delicious).

The experience (which I heavily documented on Snapchat: nikthakkar and Instagram) included a mini gastronomical adventure with edible trees, a cherry rainforest requiring full protective garb (something straight out of Breaking Bad), a cherry canon and more. Full details under the cut and a short art film I created for Instagram above.