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Jean Paul Gaultier + Jennifer Saunders for i-D

This is perfect. A complete throwback to two iconic Jean Paul Gaultier TV pop culture moments – the Absolutely Fabulous film and Eurotrash. It really doesn’t get any better than this, thank you i-D. To celebrate the opening of “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier” at the Barbican (which is incredible, I saw it in Brooklyn and was at the opening with Gaultier on Monday), Jean Paul Gaultier and Jennifer Saunders have teamed up with Antoine de Caunes on a spoof film directed by Tom Kingsley. It’s genius.

Lyric Video for Sia’s Chandelier

That moment when a mere lyric video for a track pretty much outdoes (and evokes more emotion) than 95% of actual music videos released this year. It is so intelligently crafted, you have to watch it to understand. Here’s Sia’s Chandelier, directed by Scantron – and let’s all take a moment for the iconisation of her hair consistently throughout this campaign, good work David Russell.

Basheba – Dirty Love (Your Love) ft. Jordan Reece

For an emerging British artist to nail such a perfect aesthetic that immediately translates globally is a rarity. ‘Dirty Love (Your Love)’ is the second single from London singer/songwriter Basheba. Penned by drum’n'bass producer Dean Barratt (DJ Fresh, Shy FX), the track features Jordan Reece whose enigmatic vocals on this track will hopefully set him up for solo success in the future.

The video is directed by photographer Luke Nugent and Joe Beverly, marking Luke’s directorial debut – which is by all means absolutely brilliant. ‘Dirty Love (Your Love)’ will be available to download on iTunes from June 8.

Why Lana Del Rey’s West Coast Is Already An Epic Song Title

lana del rey west coast


Remember when Lana said the word ULTRAVIOLENCE in a YouTube comment reply mere days before the official announcement at the TROPICO premiere? The same thing kinda happened again. After weeks of cryptic teasing random elements from the album – producer names (Dan Aurbach), collaborators (The Weeknd) and release date (May 1st), Lana has just announced the name of the first single, after one Twitter photo, and a different Instagram photo with the caption: West Coast. Oh and not forgetting the first thing she did to announce West Coast, an @ reply on Twitter to Prefix Magazine (who at the time of writing this haven’t even realised the public world exclusive they just received). The name is already perfect. With two words, she has dominated the entire description by anyone anywhere of the Western coastline of America, thereby resulting in synergy with one of the most influential land masses in the world. I mean, that’s power and iconic in itself.

Anyway, the subtleness of the strategy in this casual announcement is genius. The innocent way in which she interacts with her fanbase (and the press to an extent) is so unique and feels so genuinely endearing and extraordinary.


BESS NYC’s Fashion Campaign Mashups

I suppose that this is why tumblr exists, and why writing a blog post about the Instagram of a boutique in Soho, NYC seems rather bizarre, but here it is regardless. It’s the smartest use of social from a creative perspective from a retailer. Granted, it probably appeals to a more creative set of individuals, but then again so does the store. Here’s a quick look at some highlights from BESS and founder Doug Abraham’s Instagram where he artistically re-works campaign images from brands to give them a slightly alt and darker take. Enjoy below and follow BESS on Instagram here.