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Sky Ferreira: I Blame Myself

sky ferreira ssense

In a tragic turn of events, the best video that Sky has ever released also doubles as her most controversial because the mainstream press needs something to write about – apparently the ongoing Middle East crises aren’t enough and faux-racism in pop is more interesting. Anyway, the SSNESE sponsored (get that promo IMG) video (produced in collaboration with System Magazine) for I Blame Myself landed. It has choreography (as if anyone expected that EVER from Sky since Obsession, I mean she’s here to fuck with you all flawlessly), it’s bad ass and narrative based. It works, she looks fierce, I mean heroin chic has never been a more desired look right now. I love it. Fuck the haters. Peace.

Oh, you have to watch it on SSENSE because it is also shoppable, until it hits VEVO. Click the image above. Bye.

Röyksopp & Robyn: Do It Again

As if Lana news wasn’t enough for today, the Röyksopp & Robyn announcement is FINALLY official. New EP, new tracks, new content – and holy mother of GOD/dark Robyn this is going to be good. Track list under the cut. First single ‘Do It Again’ drops on 28 April, the full EP on May 26. Teaser for Monument above. Bye, forever.


Audio: Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Hi, Lana is back. Bradley Soileau is back. This is amazing and produced in collaboration with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys. You will be happy, ecstatic in fact. The tempo changes are completely genius. Words cannot, so just listen. Lyrics under the cut.



Video: Wrathschild – Fall Into Love

Impressive as an adjective doesn’t quite cut it. Simon and Wolfy have absolutely nailed the cultural agenda and have created a piece of visual content and track that are both completely du jour. Fall Into Love warrants serious radio play and should be the catalyst for the duo’s mainstream success because by god they deserve it. Without making it sound calculated, it is clear that both Simon and Ro/Wolfy are genuine pop landscape aficionados and their self-awareness has lead them to this point. Watch the video, share it, tell your friends. Plus Ro, that hair-flip is giving Godney a run for her money.


Jean Paul Gaultier + Jennifer Saunders for i-D

This is perfect. A complete throwback to two iconic Jean Paul Gaultier TV pop culture moments – the Absolutely Fabulous film and Eurotrash. It really doesn’t get any better than this, thank you i-D. To celebrate the opening of “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier” at the Barbican (which is incredible, I saw it in Brooklyn and was at the opening with Gaultier on Monday), Jean Paul Gaultier and Jennifer Saunders have teamed up with Antoine de Caunes on a spoof film directed by Tom Kingsley. It’s genius.