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Beyonce and Jay Z: ‘On The Run’ Tour (HBO Trailer)

September will see Beyonce and Jay Z‘s ‘On The Run Tour’ air on HBO. After the somewhat epic Melina Matsoukas directed trailer for the tour, HBO has released a teaser for the concert’s TV premiere.

Sia’s 1000 Forms Of Fear


1000 Forms Of Fear is Sia’s sixth studio album. Between the fifth album, We Are Born in 2010 – the world of pop music kinda changed and a lot of that was thanks to Sia. Unsurprisingly the first major pop artist to have an array of songs written by the Australian artist was Christina Aguilera for her hugely underrated album, Bionic. I could write for days on why that album is underrated, but this is neither the time or place. Sia’s song writing resume for major artists went from strength to strength (Rihanna, Britney, Beyonce etc.). Personal fame is something Sia never sought as an artist. Her videography pre this era was extremely art driven. There are some stand outs including the video for Buttons. However, the approach taken for this era is unparalleled. She has essentially become the Margiela of music. Anonymous to the extent of which this happened:

What Sia has achieved with 1000 Forms Of Fear (and the album campaign including the Jimmy Kimmel features below) artistically, sonically, culturally and creatively is so inspiring and completely brilliant. Kudos to David Russell and her team for investing in making this a record which fits seamlessly into her discography at the same time as feeling new, mainstream palpable and a beautiful piece of cultural art.

Ada + Nik SS15 Editorial by Joseph Sinclair + Callum Vincent

First premiered on the brilliant FTAPE, photographer Joseph Sinclair and stylist Callum Vincent shot fifteen models exclusively in Ada + Nik SS15 – fresh off the runway. The short video is directed by Alex Berry. Full credits under the cut.











SSENSE + System Present Blood Orange’s New Video


Dev’s sophomore album Cupid Deluxe is incredible. Fact. Dev’s visuals since pretty much Day 1 have always been on point. The man has a vision and he nails his creative content every single time. They improve, they vary in style, the man is growing and his vision is so beautiful to see progress.

Here’s the video for grime-inspired track, “High Street” featuring Skepta produced thanks to SSENSE and System. The online retailer is playing this game so damn well. This is exactly the type of editorial the other major players in the online luxury fashion space are doing. Hypebeast went from pure media to original content and print magazine to e-commerce retailer. The partnership of System and SSENSE is doing the same but horizontally, but they are doing it brilliantly.

So far the partnership has fostered videos from Sky Ferreira, Hercules & Love Affair and Henry Krinkle. Plus Maryam L’Ange directed Chloë Sevigny in a noir-inspired fashion film featuring music by electronica three-piece, Eaux. The best part is that this content is shoppable and speaks to a smarter audience, and audience that doesn’t want to be talked down to and patronised by “fashion self-help /dress this way” editorials. It makes the experience so much better.

Blood Orange and Skepta’s “High Street” offers an exclusive preview of the upcoming Fall season.

Rich White Ladies – Wimbledon

Frankly this is brilliant. A genius PR move (timing included) but the product and potential longevity of the duo is absolutely there. Here’s Wimbledon by Rich White Ladies. The fantastic video is directed by Frederic Esnault.