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Testing: PaMu SLIDE by PADMATE

A year ago, I was testing the BT5 PaMu Scroll, and honestly, I have been using them ever since, so understandable, I was super excited to test out the PaMu Slide. The brand has delivered an aesthetic not dissimilar to the Apple Airpods, but black – super ahead of the curve and for me, way more aesthetically pleasing. The device boasts:

  • Perfect sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Signal stability
  • Awesome comfort levels

All of which I would have to agree with. Personally, I have an in ear piercing and because the Slide is bigger than the Scroll, I can definitely feel it more, but from a sound sensory experience, they have definitely improved the product and I spent the week listening to unreleased NEO 10Y tracks. The bass is incredible and it’s sweat proof with 60 hours play time, so you’ll never run out prematurely!

A feature that I do love is the case, you can flip it over, place your phone on it and it becomes a literal charging block. Iconic.

You can check out more about the PaMu Slide at Indiegogo.