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A Comfortable Alternative

We’re mid January at the moment where over 100,000 people in the UK alone have signed up for Veganuary, setting up this year to be the biggest year on record for the movement. I’ve also started mentoring new vegans on Challenge 22, which has been great considering my own learning curve on communication of the movement has been complicated both in public and in private. Either way, if you are looking to learn more, I am dedicating time every single day to help people looking to evolve their consciousness stance and provide info and ideas for alternatives. This could be from what milk we buy, broken down by environmental impact based on whether it is almond, oat (the most environmental of all) or rice milk, to what couch you might want to invest in to make you feel comfortable for the rest of your life. For example, Fishpools have a selection of vegan couches made from faux leather.

It’s so varied what people come to me with. A major segment are kids aged 13-18 who live with their parents and are struggling to eat non violently in peace, there are protests in students’ cafeterias etc. which are really inspiring to hear about but also complicated to deal with. Essentially, it is all rooted in a mutual understanding that we are one species trying to claw back the damage we have done to the planet and ourselves, how our minds and hearts have been limited by systemic abuse from mad men marketing and disregard for the lives of other species. As mentioned in my Planetary Emergency piece, time is really running out, but just as well we have alternatives for anything now. Glad to see us all collectively moving towards that, sausage roll drama aside.