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December Grooming Guide

So with the Holidays around the corner, I wanted to share some tips to make you feel more confident for all of the increased human-to-human interaction that you have coming up.

I’ve been visiting Pietro Simone’s clinic more recently – the body sculptor that performed various endoSPHERES treatments on me, and we experimented with HIFU this week, so I will let you know the results soon. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which is a mechanism similar to using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight to perforate muscle tissue under the skin in order to result in regeneration and collagen production. It’s pretty much painless, apart from a mild feeling of electrocution meets a staple gun – but overall not actually painful at all.


For maintenance, I would suggest the new Age Defence range from Bulldog which contains an antioxidant complex of Rosemary, Echinacea and Vitamin E which has been specially formulated to hydrate the skin – and overall, I find that anti-ageing products work much better during the Winter months for your skin to brave the cold.

Age Defence Collection

If you’re looking for a good gift set for Christmas, Bulldog have a great Beard Care set worth exploring, as does another vegan grooming brand that I really respect, SCRUBD.

Finally, lots of you know that I am nearing the 6 month vegan mark with no looking back, so with that in mind, I wanted to share some B12 advice and experience with you. I spent Halloween this year in London at Azim Majid’s iconic Hallowzeem and had my first B12 shot with getadrip – the IV Vitamin Hydration drip company – they provide drips and booster shots, so definitely worth a trip for that extra glow.