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Beginners Starter ‘Kit’ to the Music Industry

With the music industry being one of the biggest and most glamorously perceived business fields, working in it is a great adventure. Unfortunately though, because music is a worldwide phenomenon, and many aspire to being a part of it, the competition is definitely tough, if not one of the hardest. However, because music is indeed all over the world and its influence is so great, starting off can be done anywhere.

Often when one thinks of a place to settle in for music, the bigger cities come to mind as destinations.
Few think of smaller cities as the place to start a music career in. Lets take under consideration, for example, the city of Liverpool has an enormous amount of jobs available, especially when it comes to the music industry. Mainly because of the many popular bands that were born, and have grown as artists in this city: The Beatles, The Wombats, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and so on. Nonetheless, Liverpool is renowned worldly as ‘The Capital Of Pop’. These types of towns tend to stimulate and encourage young musicians; also due to its calm and concentrated nature, giving the opportunity to new artists of finding the right path.

Obviously, as a 20-something year old you might not get too excited at the idea that for the next who-knows years you will be ‘stuck’ somewhere in an unknown place in UK, but here are some of the reasons why if you want to be a musician this could be one of the greatest decisions of your life.

First of all, a small town means less people, therefore fewer distractions, and more time to let lose of your thoughts, which, especially if you are into song writing, is a fundamental part of the ‘job’. Life in smaller towns entails less chaos, and cars, and noise, meaning you will lead a Siddharta-like lifestyle, which would probably be ground breaking for your future into an industry that requires someone to not only know one self, but also to be able to show your deepest fears, thoughts to others. In fact, as you can often see, in the music industry many musicians go on self-discovery journeys, if you choose to live in smaller towns you might be able to get that illumination at the beginning of your career, which many want but not all will ever achieve.

For a young person money can also be an important issue to address once choosing a place to live. Big cities have higher expenses when it comes to life in general; need I say more?

Finally, for a musician, an artisan, or any type of artist, thrives to be noticed. While in a city such as London you would probably need to spend years trying to get your songs, your art, or even yourself noticed, in small towns they never go unnoticed. New talents are always recognised, and who knows maybe someone from a big record label might even hear about you.

Making one’s way through the music industry is an intense journey that requires patience and commitment. Choosing where to start and develop one’s musical persona is a pivotal moment, and the size of the city does make a difference in that. Why live in a big city where the competition is suffocating? Small cities allow an artist to think and mature his/her sound, and help the musician enter the worldwide scene steadily. In fact, a common thought often leads to the idea that the bigger the city, the more opportunity. Untrue and misleading, making music doesn’t depend on how big the city is, but on how much effort and passion is put in it.