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film trailer: the actress – ben charles edwards’ new short in collaboration with the smalls

Animal Charm director Ben Charles Edwards has just unveiled the trailer for his new short film – The Actress, written by Al Joshua, directed by Ben and produced in collaboration with The Smalls. The film stars Sadie Frost, Perry Benson, Sally Phillips and Morgana Robinson. Check out the synopsis and trailer below. Photo of Sadie below by Chris James Edwards & Jason Dack.

The Actress (2012) Trailer from ben charles edwards on Vimeo.

It is the twilight of a grand old movie star’s life. Poor health and old age have robbed her of her glamour, her career and now -probably within hours – her life. The end is near. She arrives, surrounded by her parasitic entourage, at a cinema for a private showing of her greatest screen moments. Kicking the hangers-on out, she sits alone in the dark as the light of the projector illuminates the silver screen and her previous youth and beauty. In a daring escape from the inevitable, she enters the screen and is suddenly back in her movies – a star once more. She tumbles from genre to genre in scenes taking in the silent era, film noir, ’70s sci-fi sexploitation and ’90s sitcom land. It is a desperate attempt to outsmart and outrun the apparition of death itself, which pursues her through the scenes. Inevitable or not – this old movie diva isn’t going without a fight. This is the story of a shooting star who refuses to fade away or go gently into that good night.

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