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diet coke by jean paul gaultier: the night & day cans

Following the announcement of the third ‘Tattoo’ bottle in the Limited Collection for Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier a fortnight ago, here is your first look at the incredible designs for the exclusive ‘Night & Day’ cans designed by Gaultier himself. This is the first time in the brand’s history that a design collaboration has translated onto the 330ml cans.

The ‘Night’ can has a sexy rock theme that immortalises Jean Paul Gaultier’s corset and iconic cone bra design. While the ‘Day’ can is inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature Breton stripes and captures his fun attitude. The definition of pop couture, one might say.

The cans will be made available across Europe at select retailers from July to September.

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  • Carl

    Its fizzy sweetened caffeine water in a metal container. Either you want to drink it or you don’t. Morons.

  • religionoffashion

    Brilliant for fashion events, right?