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mixtape + download: vv brown – the playground

Working in branding/marketing, I often have to be an ambassador for talent and products that I don’t necessarily have an afición for, so when I’m working with something/someone that I admire, always gives me great pleasure and makes me want to share it with the world i.e. my recent Karl Lagerfeld project.

This time round I’m fortunate enough to be working with VV Brown who has just launched her free mixtape, “The Playground”. It is genuinely beautiful, and an awesome bridge between her first and second albums. Here is what VV has to say on it and why she is putting it out there, under the cut.

Her new single “Children” with Chiddy is also available on US iTunes too.

“Making an album is a process of experimenting and a lot of songs get lost, changed, redone or discarded. Touring makes you fall into a bubble, real life doesn’t exist and everything is exciting with a sense of appreciation for the shows and the people that come to see you play, but a plastic experience backstage. When I came of the road, locked in my studio and home again, this was my place of experimenting and finding myself again, but not the old self, a more mature experienced self. Before making a solid album I thought it would be amazing to make a mix-tape. A real window into the process of experimentation and creativity. Its a very low-fi attempt to show you where my head was at and where it was going up to a polished record.

The mixtape is called the Playground, centred around this concept about questioning the youth and where we are at as a generation much in line with what Im talking about overall in alot of the songs I’m singing. A twisted sense of nievity and innocence with an undertone of cynicism and debate about the mirage that we really need to see what really is going on”.

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