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true blood season 3: waiting sucks…drip…drip

In the true style of what every brand should be doing when launching a highly anticipated product (see Gaga’s video for Telephone, Britney’s video for 3, Xbox 360′s Project Natal…you get the point), HBO has released the first of many True Blood Season 3 clips that gives a tiny peek into the action from the upcoming season, albeit from a behind the scenes perspective. This has already got the forums and Twitter feeds ablaze…and with more to come every week until launch, the build up should be epic. If someone with access to Radian 6 wants to share the weekly buzz stats with me, please do.

Eric - True Blood Season 3 promo

Eric - True Blood Season 3 promo

This week’s video features a brief glimpse at Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard, facing off with a bad guy while Sookie holds a gun to somebody.

There is also a short character promo for Eric, that can be viewed here.

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  • Katie Morse

    Well hello True Blood Season 3! On top of working at Radian6 (cheers for the mention, BTW), I’m a HUGE True Blood fan myself. I really love the fact that this show is so active on the web, especially between seasons. It’s one of the few shows based off a book series that is just as entertaining to read as the books themselves.

    @misskatiemo | Radian6

    • mediacation

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for the comment. HBO is totally rocking their online PR/marketing for this show. VERY excited about Season 3. Hope NYC is treating you well, and the mention was a pleasure.

  • Champagne and Cigarettes

    This is incredible, I agree with the drip feeding via social media that you are referencing, it definitely works and more brands should be doing it…

  • Reena Rai

    I love you so much for posting this, total TB addict

  • mediacation

    Literally cannot wait for season three!