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taylor lautner: first (major) twilight star to sign to a brand

Looks like Taylor Lautner, the world’s most famous werewolf (sorry Seth Green) is the first main (Kellan Lutz has signed to Calvin Klein) Twilight star to sign to a brand…struggling handset manufacturer, LG…for a small Spanish integrated PR/ad campaign.

Like four hundred thousands brands have done, the campaign centres on “meeting your idol”, and do so by “staying connectado”, VOM! [Silence the screaming Spanish 14-year old Twi-hards]. Enough about this weak-ass campaign. Here is the faceless shot/video of Taylor Lautner in a prawn/eye-holes in a paper bag situation. No he is not shirtless, unfortunately, but let’s hope that Dolce & Gabbana is next to sign him.

Taylor Lautner for LG

Taylor Lautner for LG

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